From wannabe-superhero to visual communication studio.

Over the last 7 years I've been operating under the pseudonym MegaMoniek. A name I chose without putting too much thought into it. For a long time I've owned up to this name, but now time has come for the next chapter.

I will keep creating pretty pictures and smooth animations that make complex material easier to understand. But from now on I'll do this under a name that better suits the focus and dedication I put into this work. Studio Synopsis.

In the autumn of 2012 MegaMoniek came about as a friend needed an animation and she thought I would be the perfect person to do this (eventhough I had never made an animation in my entire life). So I went to the Chamber of Commerce, registered my company, dove head first into the abbyss of YouTube tutorials on animation and delivered something that wasn't even half bad for a first time animator.

After this first project more animation- and visualisation work followed. I took some actual courses in animation. I found my sweet spot: visualising science and technology. And started teaching animation (I have to admit that eventhough I love this now, I got so nervous I cried in preparation for the first workshop). And now, it's time to put MegaMoniek behind me and continue with Studio Synopsis.

See you around!

- Moniek

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