Metal Fuels

For some industries the transition to renewable resources isn't as easy as it seems. Conventional green solutions either don't provide enough energy, or are very bulky and expensive. Team Solid, a student team of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), might have the solution. Iron Powder.
With this short explainer animation the metal fuel solution of Team Solid is introduced to the general public.



Visual Design



The Aim of the Project

The aim of this animation was to show that the research of TU/e leads to innovations that can improve our society.

More specifically it was to show a general audience that the metal fuels solution of Team Solid offers an alternative to fossil fuels for industries that have a hard time transitioning to sustainable energy solutions.

Finding Focus

There's a large and complex ecosystem involved with using iron powder as an energy carrier. For this animation we had to find a balance in how much of that system would have to be included. For the sake of getting the core message across we left out the hydrogen electrolysis part, focussing on the iron powder cycle, as that's the part where Team Solid is involved.


Visual Metaphors

The difference in emission from burning iron powder, compared to burning oil or gas, was one of the key points to get across in this animation. In order to clearly show that there's no emission to burning iron other than rust, we decided to depict the iron as a single grain of powder.

Like what you see?

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