Integrated Photonic Chips combine multiple features, like lasers and sensors, on a milimeter-sized device. All working through the power of light. These developments can have a huge impact on our daily lives.
During the Dutch Design Week 2019, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) showcased their developments in Photonics research in an exhibition. Studio Synopsis was asked to develop a visual, in order to give the audience of this event an idea of the possible implications of photonics.



Content Curation
Visual Design



The Aim of the Project

The aim for this project was to draw the attention of the exhibition visitors and spark their curiousity about the possibilities of photonics. All in hopes of encouraging them to see opportunities for the application of photonics within their own area of expertise, leading to fruitful conversations and maybe even collaboration opportunities. 


Contextual Limitations

This animation is a bit different from the common explainer animation, in that it's actually more of an endlessly looping animated slideshow with large boxes of text. This all has to do with the main purpose of this visual; being on display and attracting visitors in an exhibition. This meant that we had to take some different criteria into consideration than for the average webvideo.

In exhibitions people pass by at different moments in time, so the animation should be understandable, no matter at which point you start watching. This resulted in the animation being an endless loop.

Due to the nature of the exhibition space we dediced to not rely on audio to convey key information. That's why we worked with text overlays instead of voice-over in this animation.

Photonics Setup

Design Process

Together with the researchers we boiled the most impactful application areas for photonics down to 3 categories: healthcare, data processing and food production and preservation. For each of these categories we came up with 2 applications that would really show the potential of this technique.

With these applications in mind we first made some rough sketches of the frames, before working them into the final design. Since the applications were so diverse, the visuals looked very incoherent at first. By trimming down the color palette we managed to turn the final slideshow into one coherent visual story.

TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Healthcare – Portable Devices
TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Food – Packaging
TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Data – Energy Consumption
TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Healthcare – In Situ Analysis
TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Food – Crop Management
TUe – photonic chips – DDW2019 infographic – scenes – Data – Superfast Connections
Color – 03 – Portable Devices
Color – 02 – In Situ Analysis
Color – 04 – Datacenter
Color – 06 – Cropmanagement

Related Project

For a Social Media post on another TU/e research project Studio Synopsis created a short looping video in the same visual style.

This video was used to illustrate how the heartrate can be used as an indication for sleep apnea.

Like what you see?

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