Soccer Robots

Soccer Robots

The soccer robots of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) keep winning match after match. But why would a university spend time and effort into designing robots to play soccer? And what is so special about these robotic athletes?
A longread on the TU/e website tells you the story, illustrated with short animations and images by Studio Synopsis.



Visual Design



The Aim of the Project

The aim for these animations and visuals was to give the viewer an idea of how soccer robots are pushing technology forward. Upto now the university mainly communicated about the soccer competition and how well the robot team of TU/e was performing. With these visuals and story the university wanted to dig a bit deeper and show the technique behind the soccer matches.

As a bonus, these visuals were perfect for sharing short background pieces on the soccer robots.

The wheels that drive the soccer robot


This project required a tight collaboration with the author of the longread and the scientists who developed the soccer robots. In which we first had to gain a deep understanding of the soccer robots and the technique behind them.

Once we got a full understanding and an outline for the story, we uncovered which parts would benefit from a little visual support, adding only animations where there would be a benefit in showing moving images.

How soccer robots walk
How soccer robots shoot
Soccer robots working together
How the soccer robots see the world
Soccer Robots passing a ball

Like what you see?

Do you have a complex project that could use some visual clarity? And do you like what you see? Get in touch to see whether a set of illustrations and short animations like this is the way to make your work stand out.

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