Value Conflicts

Creative projects can be challenging and value conflicts are one of the main reasons for that. So how do you deal with these issues? Researchers of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) have found a way to help creative professionals identify and tackle value conflicts.
The mission for Studio Synopsis was to make creative professionals aware of the value conflicts they encounter and to introduce them to the solution of the TU Delft.

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The Aim of the Project

The aim for the animation was to make creative professionals aware of the way value conflicts affect their work. And to trigger them to make decisions on these conflicts in a structured way, by designing their businessmodel.

This animation is used as a promotion and introduction to the businessmodel design toolkit developed by the researchers of TU Delft. 

Bonus Outcomes

Just like in every project, we started with getting a deep understanding of the subject of this animation. In a series of discovery sessions with the TU Delft researcher, we got to the essence of her toolkit and research work.

Sometimes these discovery sessions result in more than just the outlines for the animation. As was the case for this project. During the sessions we uncovered a way to improve the functionality of the toolkit, which was a great bonus outcome.

TU Delft Value Conflicts toolkit

An Identity for the Abstract

With an abstract subject such as 'values', it is key to find the right visual metaphor, as this metaphor becomes the identity of the words.

In this animation we decided to work with 2 sets of visuals, each serving their own purpose. Icons to guide the audience through the theoretical framework, and more illustrative scenes to give context to the theory and show examples of how the theory applies in practice.

A key element of this animation is the businessmodel. That's why we put extra care in defining the right visual metaphors for the various elements in this model.


The basis for the theory behind this animation is the businessmodel. More specifically, it's the difference between a standard businessmodel and the businessmodel that applies for creative professionals. That's why we put extra care in defining the right visual metaphors for the various elements in this model.


Value conflicts are at the core of the animation, so we had to find a suitable and distinctive way to visualise these. Within the businessmodel we visualised the points where value conflicts can appear with a dynamic icon of two arrows collapsing.

Alongside this iconic depiction the animation also includes several more illustrative scenes, showing examples of what such a value conflict means in the professional context.

Related Project

Studio Synopsis has done another animation in the same visual style for the TU Delft, about the MSc programmes of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. 

Have a look at that animation here.


Like what you see?

Do you have a complex project that could use some visual clarity? And do you like what you see? Get in touch to see whether an animated introduction like this is the way to make your work stand out.

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